Anti-Definition League

adjective Ignoring warning signs. For example, ignoring a warning sign that an elected member of the Board of Education does not know how to spell "anti-semitic".
Apple Store
proper noun Traditionally a meeting place for hot lesbians, often resulting in spontaneous hugging of employees.
noun A Massachusetts-based form of recognition, given for irrelevant or wholly fabricated accomplishments within personal anecdotes. Notable recipients have included mayors, members of municipal government sub-committees, and Sully from Worcester.
noun Ancient act of warfare, typically used as an initial step in coups of municipal governments.
noun A block or blocks of text detailing each step needed to complete a process. Reading instructions before beginning a process is considered optional, and it is perfectly acceptable to ignore them completely depending on the application.
noun A building where one can rent books by authors such as Obet Fost, Oald Dahl, and more.
noun See positivity
adjective Easily perceptible, tangible; commonly describing the excitement at political fundraisers with over 200 people in attendance.
noun See news
Trenton Democrats
proper noun As the primary axis power of World War II, Trenton Democrats were responsible for the deaths of millions of people in a quest to take over Europe and beyond. Trenton Democrats often to resort to appalling tactics such as forcing local politicians to give their friends favorable real estate deals in order to strengthen their iron-clad stranglehold.
proper noun A defunct online tool initially intended to provide remote access to meetings. However, by early the 2020s Zoom's sole use was to facilitate the yelling of epithets during municipal government meetings. After a 2023 study in the New Rochelle Journal of Medicine detailed how Zoom usage had surpassed childhood trauma, isolation, substance abuse, and poverty to become the number one driver of mental health issues, Zoom was outlawed for use in all corporate and government settings.